Top 4 Lies Wives Tell Their Husbands

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I don’t know about you but, for me, having an honest and open relationship is important. In fact, dishonesty is the thing that bothers me most about politicians who promise one thing while running for office and who do another once they are elected.

So when I saw a study that says people admitted misleading their significant other a third of the time it surprised me. That means one out of every three things could be a lie!

However, after they got married that number dropped to one in 10. After one in three that sounds good right? But really that would mean women are still lying to their husbands almost every day.

Sometimes a wife may be dishonest because she’s trying to please or placate her husband. I guess that can go both ways. I don’t really want my husband telling me I “look fat in those pants” before we go out. However, since I know how I look I don’t ask!

When you look at the top 4 lies told by wives to their husbands, they aren’t that type of lie — accept for maybe number 2.

Top 4 Lies

  1.  “This dress was on sale” – Lying about money is never a good thing. Hopefully both parties learn to live on a budget and spend within their limitations. As long as you do that, there’s no need to lie! I mean, you don’t want to be like a politician do you? While there’s all kinds of reasons people may lie about this, the fact is they are excuses.
  2. “You have the biggest penis I’ve ever seen” – This one falls within the compassion department, but really why do we have to say we are comparing his size to anybody else? Again, don’t ask; don’t tell!
  3. “I’ve only slept with two men.” – It seems the “average” is closer to 4 but we don’t want our men to think we slept around all that much. According to the study, women tend to minimize the number of sexual partners they’ve had. I guess this could be another compassionate lie, but I’d suggest the past is the past and just leave it there rather than lie about it.
  4. “I don’t want anything for our anniversary.” – If you’re saying you don’t want something for your anniversary and don’t mean it then you certainly can’t get upset with your guy when he believes you! Let him get you something! After all staying married these days is a huge accomplishment! But if you’re on a limited budget, don’t be asking for something like a diamond tennis bracelet. Work together…let him get you something even if it’s little and you’ll make memories together.

The truth is best in the long run because if you lie, over time it can be awful tricky keeping your fictional life straight. Again just look at our politicians!

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Nick Cannon Covers Mariah Tattoo with New Ink

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Since Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s separation became public, Nick Cannon has found himself in the spotlight.

Everyone wants details, and in a recent interview Cannon admits that he understands that, but finds the way some people judge how you deal with personal life is a little harsh, but that along with that he says he knows it’s what he has signed up for.

Nick Cannon tattoo

Nick Cannons new ink in process

Personally, he deals with it better than most. The separation is not easy, and he admits he’s not the type to ignore people or to say nothing. So that makes him a prime target for reporters digging for the juicy details.

On top of that, he admits it’s hard listening to people dissect his personal life.

I love him as the host of America’s Got Talent…his sense of humor, his interaction with both contestants and judges, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s good looking. But this past season of AGT I could see he was a little troubled, though he covered it well.

In a recent interview with Huffington Post, he put it this way. “I’m not Kanye. I’m not going to be wrestling at the airport. And I’m also not somebody who’s gonna keep silent.”

When Extra asked him how he’d dealing with all of it he said, “I’m just trying to be the best person I can be.” I love that answer. It shows he cares how things are handled and wants to do things the right way for all involved, but at the same time, he’s moving on.

His Mariah tattoo is gone. He used to have a large tat of her name across his back which was actually a wedding present for her. Now that tat is being transformed into a new piece of body art – a crucifixion tattoo.

It’s still in the process, and he was a little upset when paparazzi caught him with his shirt off before it is done. It’s going to take over 40 hours in the chair, plus he’s getting a sleeve done. We’ll have to wait and see what he walks away with.

His kids are currently on tour with Mommy, and Nick says that it is all good. They are in constant contact, and he wishes Mariah all the best.

When the media doesn’t have details, they like to make up stories based on the little they know. Breakups are hard enough. I wish both Nick and Mariah all the best as they try to move forward.

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Caveat to High-Fiber’s Protection Against Colon Cancer

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For decades we’ve been hearing about the benefits of high fiber in our diet. Fiber protects against colon cancer, right? Well, would you believe, it depends. According to a new study, to really reap the benefits of fiber we must also have the right gut bacteria.

This study was conducted using mice, so further research is needed, however the results certainly hold merit. The mice were either fed a low- or high-fiber diet. Some had a type of bacteria in their gut that ferments fiber into a chemical called butyrate and the other mice didn’t have this bacteria.

All the mice were introduced to a cancer-causing chemical to encourage the development of colon tumors. The results found that the mice who were fed the high-fiber diet AND had the right bacteria had 75 percent less tumors. However, the high-fiber alone and the low fiber diets did not afford the same beneficial results.

The findings of this study were presented by Scott Bultman, assistant professor at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine at the meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research. He said,

“Our study shows that it’s not the high fiber in and of itself that has a protective effect against cancer, but it’s a combination of the fiber plus having the right types of bacteria.”

I thought the benefit of fiber and colon health was a given, but upon closer look, the findings of various studies disagree on this.

However, Bultman pointed out the fact that many of these studies don’t look at gut bacteria which seems to be the key in the fight against color cancer. Plus other studies that do look at gut bacteria show that healthy people have higher levels of butyrate-producing bacteria than people with colon cancer.

I’ll let you draw your own conclusions with that.

It leads to the question…how do we get the butyrate-producing bacteria? For most of us, eating high-fiber diets naturally increases butyrate-producing bacteria, but some of us genetically produce less of this bacteria even with a high-fiber diet.

The next step in the minds of some is to fortify foods with butyrate or butyrate-producing bacteria. That’s a challenge though. It seems that it involves a compound that stinks…literally.

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Joan Lunden Hopes to Empower Others with Cancer

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At 64 years of age, former Good Morning America host, Joan Lunden, has undergone chemotherapy and a lumpectomy since her diagnosis with triple negative breast cancer three months ago.

The mother of seven went public about this aggressive form of cancer while speaking with cancer survivor Robin Roberts and told People magazine, “I was handed an opportunity to learn everything that I can about this and try to help others.”

Lunden received some valuable advice from Roberts who shared that waiting for your hair to fall out is excruciating. So Lunden decided not to wait.

Instead she owned it and took matters into her own hands one week after her first chemo treatment. She voluntarily shaved offer her beautiful blond hair and when she did she realized how much it affected her.

“I’m almost reluctant to say it because it sounds superficial. But when you lose your hair, it just affects the way that you look at yourself in the mirror. You feel less feminine, pretty or desirable, and it’s not an easy thing to go through.” – Joan Lunden

When she had the opportunity to make the cover of People, she had a decision to make. To wear her wig or pose without it. She decided going without the wig might be a way to help others and show women that losing your hair  ”isn’t the end of the world.” She found the experience empowering in a big way.

Joan Lunden Tweens
Lunden hopes to be a voice for the quarter of a million women diagnosed with breast cancer every year. She said, “I wanted to show that your health is more important than your hair.” She will continue her fight against cancer as a special correspondent for the Today show next week as they kick off their Breast Cancer Awareness month coverage.

Lunden believes many women don’t get breast exams because they are afraid of losing their hair. During her own experience, she says, “Your hair grows back after you stop chemo…and then you have your life.”

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Is a Smart Bed with Interactive Computer Right for Me?

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I’m in the market for a new bed. One of the challenges for married people is finding a mattress you both like.

In my search for beds that might work I came across the Balluga Smart Bed. It’s equipped with an interactive onboard computer. It really addresses every issue but one for me.

Adjustable Firmness and Temperature Control

Adjustable firmness levels: It supports you and your partner with an advanced air-filled ball support system. I’ve never seen the likes of it before. It conforms to your body shape individually and can be adjusted with a simple touch of a button.

Plus this modular ball system is allergen and infestation free, so none of those little invisible mites crawling around. As a bonus, it can also provide a relaxing massage!

The firmness issue is a big one, but another thing about this smart bed is that it offers climate control. It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In my case it could keep me cool year round and I would sleep better.

It keeps each person comfortable. Right now I try to accomplish that with the ceiling fan and an extra blanket on my husband’s side of the bed.

Interactive Sleep Aids

Other benefits of this bed include low lighting just above the drawers that comes on with night-level lighting if you have to get up during the night. These light panels can also be used to create ambient colored light synchronized to music to aid sleep.

It also has an optional system that can be connected to a tablet or smart phone. It lets you lay on your back to read, watch TV, or enjoy a movie. You can even project what you’re viewing onto the wall. When you fall asleep, the bed knows it and automatically retracts the console.

Balluga Smart Bed

Projects movies on the wall.

That addresses all the sleeping-related issues on my list. It also has under-bed storage, which my current bed has. So with all these positives, what are the negatives?

For one, you open the drawers under the bed remotely. You adjust the temperature and firmness remotely. After all it is a smart bed. My concern is when the remote stops working what am I left with?

The bed itself runs around $1600. How much does it cost to replace the remote? Sorry but visions of the $5,000 batteries for electric cars comes to mind. My concern is personal. Without a remote, the bed would just be…well dumb.  Could I afford to make it smart again?

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Grandma’s Secret Stain Remover an Eco-Friendly Solution

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I’ve never been great at removing stains, and when my favorite white cotton sweater ended up with chocolate on the cuff, it became a permanent stain. Or so I thought.

I still wore the sweater around the house, but that stain bugged me. I had pretreated it, but it didn’t come out all the way. And when I switched the load to the dryer I’d forgotten about it. The result was a set-in stain.

A couple of weeks later I made a stop at Hobby Lobby to have a picture matted and framed and while I waited I wandered around the store and gravitated to the sewing section. On the counter was a decorative bucket filled with small bottles labeled, Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover.

I plucked a bottle from the container and read the label. Terms like “environmentally safe, bio-degradable, non-toxic” kept me reading. Plus it contained no chlorine or phosphates. All that and it was on sale and reasonably priced.

It promised to remove oil, grease, blood, grass, tar, ink, make-up, baby formula, coffee, spaghetti sauce…any kind of stain. You know that old saying, “If it sounds to good to be true it probably is?” Well, I decided to buy it anyway and give it a try on my sweater stain, even though I doubted it could work since I’d already dried and set it into the fabric.

I couldn’t wait to try it and came home and decided to do laundry. I used a couple of drops on the stain and rubbed it into the fabric. Then I applied a couple more drops to the underside of the fabric and did the same. I stuffed my sweater into the washer and hoped for the best.

When I heard the final spin click off, I pulled the sweater out and guess what? No stain. Not even a hint of discoloration. I couldn’t believe it. I haven’t tried it on anything else as yet, but I’d say Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover works, and I couldn’t keep it to myself.

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42 Year Old Stroke Victim Hears Doctors Discuss Organ Donation

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Jimi Fritze, a 42-year-old Swede, was on vacation with his girlfriend when the unthinkable happened. He suffered a stroke and collapsed.

Fortunately for him, his girlfriend was a nurse and administered aid to keep his airway open until help arrived. At the hospital, the prognosis wasn’t good. Fritze lay paralyzed by the massive stroke. Doctors were discouraged by scans and told his girlfriend and family to say their goodbyes.

The thing is, Fritze could hear them talking.

The scariest time for him is when he heard the doctors talking about whether or not to donate his organs before they gave him a sedative. He had no way to alert them that he was conscious and could hear them.

It’s a nightmarish story worthy of a horror movie, but not something anyone wants to experience in real life. Fritze told ABC News, “I went to sleep … I couldn’t be awake. I thought I was going to die then.”


Fritze is still recovering two years later.

Another doctor offered a second opinion saying the swelling in Fritze’s brain could be a sign that he would be able to recover. Weeks later he was able to wake up and communicate with family members. At the time he could move one finger.

All this happened two years ago and today Fritze is still recovering from the massive stroke. He can now move every part of his body but still can’t walk and continues to learn to speak again.

He recently filed a complaint about the medical care he received at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Göteborg, Sweden, with the Swedish National Health and Welfare Board.

In this case, a second opinion saved this man’s life. Along with that lesson, the thing I am reminded of is that stroke victims can often hear what is going on around them. It’s important to keep conversations in line with this possibility and maybe even use it to help comfort the patient.

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Why She Jumped into River Wearing Wedding Dress

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Weddings are such happy occasions. Two of my nieces married within the last couple of months and seeing the joy those couples shared, along with their families, is the thing memories are made of.

But for one young woman, by the name of Janine, all of her planning turned to a nightmare when her fiancé suddenly died just two months before the wedding.

Janie had the perfect dress, handmade from scratch to be just what she wanted for her destination wedding. All of her excitement and preparation was turned on its ear at the unexpected loss. Now there would be no wedding, no happily ever after.

Johnny’s death left a void. To deal with her grief, she decided to create a memorial photo-shoot wearing her dress.

Wedding Dress

“I did something never thought I would do in my whole life. I took my wedding dress that was built from scratch and I jumped into the river. I did it because I wanted to free myself from losing my fiancé … this dress was for him. I did this because John would want me to something like this. He was so outgoing and he wanted me to have the best life.”

After the photo shoot, she did an interview to share her thoughts on the experience. She talked about how she decided to keep her wedding dress because of what it meant to her.

Her idea for the photo shoot started with a Google search on “underwater bride” and found a company by the name of Del Sol Photography. The photos on the site were beautiful and inspired her to contact them with the hope of arranging a photo shoot different from your average bride.

She said, “I wanted to be free and I wanted to do something different.”

She got exactly what she was looking for. The day was very emotional, but by the end of it she admitted to feeling more alive than she had since Johnny’s death.

“I really felt that Johnny was smiling down at me and finally giving me closure that I can live my life in a positive way, but never forgetting why I was here. I want to move on and explore the world. I want to meet people who I can share that with. After the shoot I felt like all this was possible.”

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Sitting All Day Increases Chance of Cancer

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We’ve all heard about the benefits of exercise, but did you know that physical activity is associated with reduced risk of colon and breast cancers?

According to the National Cancer Institute several studies have also shown links between exercise and a reduced risk of endometrial, lung, and prostate cancers. When the risk of a sedentary lifestyle is compared to smoking, lack of activity is linked to approximately two-thirds as many cancers as those caused by smoking.

I don’t know about you, but that number surprised me.

So those of us who sit at our computers all day, or in the car, or on the couch watching TV are at higher risk! A risk almost equal to smokers. I came upon this information because I have a friend diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. She’s a non-smoker, and everyone wonders how this could have happened.

I’m not a doctor, so I can’t point to anything for sure other than the fact that she lived a sedentary life watching TV most of the day. Another friend in his 50s is going in for surgery for colon cancer next week. He eats healthy, but he spends most of his day at the computer.

Neither of them knew that sitting so much was a risk factor.

I can’t help but think of life before all our technological advances. Our jobs kept us more active. In fact, I remember a time when we got up and walked to answer the phone and turn the channel on the TV. We stood at the sink to do the dishes and to hang out laundry.

We’ve been lulled into moving less and it’s costing our health.

To combat the lure of a sedentary lifestyle, I have one friend who has transitioned to a standing workstation. He has flip-flopped his day and stands most of the day and takes breaks to sit.

Since I work from home, it can be very easy to lose myself at the computer for most of the day. I do go for an hour walk most days, but I’m learning to schedule movement into each hour for things like cleaning, picking up clutter, etc.

First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” is aimed at the problem of childhood obesity. I’d suggest we all need to move more for better health.

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