Are You Still on Track with Your Resolutions?

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Are You Still on Track with Your Resolutions?

Everyone gets all enthusiastic and excited toward the end of December and by the 31st they have a list of all of the things they plan to accomplish in the New Year.

One of my military sons, who is stationed in Japan, absolutely hates the first three weeks of January because it complicates his workout. There are so many people in the gym, many who haven’t worked out in years, that it is a clog to the system.

He is always jubilant by the end of January when it starts to clear out and things get back to normal.

That’s just it. Most people just write that long list of resolutions and eventually forget about it. Life happens, something comes up and all of a sudden you haven’t been to the gym in months. Or you go three weeks eating carefully and then find yourself in a Godiva shop rapidly swallowing chocolate truffles.

Instead of getting right back on track most people quit.

This year I did have a couple of goals and so far I have been pretty consistent with them. I have gotten off track for a day or two here and there, but so far I have gotten back on the wagon without too much fuss.

Of course it’s fairly early. Early February may be way too early to claim my dubious success at being consistent with my resolution.

I’m curious. If you took the time to make a New Year’s resolution or two are you still on track? How are you doing with that?

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  • MomHomeGuide

    I resolved to be more fit in 2013, and joined a gym, but the gym is new and won’t open until next month! But hopefully, I will keep my resolution once the gym opens.

  • marye

    Hopefully you will! Good luck!