Are Shellac Nails Worth the Extra Cost?

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Are Shellac Nails Worth the Extra Cost?

A couple of weeks ago my husband treated me to a trip to the salon for a mani-pedi complete with shellac nail polish. The cost is a little higher than the regular polish but since I type about 12 hours a day, my manicure looks horrible within two days, no lie. That’s when I use a great brand of polish (Butter) and a heavy duty top coat.

So, off we went to get “the works”.

I chose a fire engine red color because red is my signature color – red computer, red car, red nails. I keep my nails relatively short, partly because of the typing and partly because I have had my thyroid removed and my nails break really easy. When I got the manicure, they were a little over the tops of my fingers.

I liked the shiny smoothness of the polish when it was all done. It was almost reflective and I could not stop looking at how great my hands looked. A big plus was that my nails felt hard, like they could withstand the rigors of my daily life. The manicurist told me that if my nails got a little dull, I could just wipe them with rubbing alcohol and the shine would come right back. I never had to do that because my nails stayed blindingly shiny.

Shellac nail polish is supposed to last up to 14 days but I was skeptical.

Two weeks later, the polish had just started to chip and the main problem was that my nails had grown out so that the bottom of the nail was au naturel.

I should have gone back, but both funds and time were tight.  By the 16th day the polish began to chip at the top and look ragged.  I wanted it off.  This is where the real problem came in. It is hard to remove the stuff. Instead of going back to the salon or using the technique I found on Google, I peeled it.

Yes I did.

You see, you are supposed to either have it removed at the salon (best choice) or use a pure acetone polish and soak your nails in it until the polish softens. Once that happens, you sort of use and orange stick to peel the softened polish off your nails. Peeling is totally not recommended.

I peeled anyway.

Am I the only one that gets sick satisfaction from peeling nail polish? I also like to help my peeling skin along after an old sunburn begins to peel. I know. I need serious, psychological help.

My nails were brittle, micro thin, and they all broke back to the nail bed. It was my fault totally. I was warned by the various Internet sites I visited but I did it anyway.

If you have the time and money to keep up with your nails at the salon then I think the shellac is definitely worth doing. If not? Stick to regular polish and be prepared to do your own manicures or use a clear polish.

If you have tried shellac polish what was your experience?

photo credit: Sarah Sphar

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  • Angela Amman

    I had a similar experience. Even with the acetone soaking, my nails were a mess after. That being said, I would absolutely do it if 1) I could keep it up or 2) I was going on vacation and wanted something to last a while.

  • Mandy

    Love Shellac. I have been using it for 2 years!