5 Holiday Centerpieces that Don’t Look Tacky

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5 Holiday Centerpieces that Don’t Look Tacky

While some people are wildly crafty and able to create gorgeous centerpieces that others eagerly pin on Pinterest, others are not. In fact, many of those home-crafted centerpieces can come out looking like leftover décor from the soup kitchen holiday table.

Not yours or mine, of course.

Here are five ways to create a holiday centerpiece that does not look tacky, even if you are less crafty than the average mathematics professor.

One: Candles and Wine Glasses

This will take less than five minutes to create. Take wine glasses that you won’t need for the guests, and some mistletoe, small ornaments, or other holiday décor and place the glass upside down over the décor. Put a small candle in the center of the foot of each glass.

Arrange these according to the size and shape of your table. It’s usually better to use an odd number of glasses, and you can add interest by using different size stems. You can even use these as place-cards by slipping a card with the guests name on it in with the décor.

Two: Candles and Cranberries

Grab one or three white pillar candles, depending on how you want your centerpiece to look. Place the candles on a plate and pour fresh cranberries in a heap around the candles. Use different heights for the best results.

You can use wrapped mints, in shell nuts, or the red glass things that look like marbles. As long as it won’t catch on fire easily it will work just fine.

Three: Candles and Gifts

Wrap empty boxes in plain red, silver, gold, green, or white paper and add a bow. Heap these in the middle of a round table or scatter along the center of a rectangular one.

Now, put coordinating pillar candles in quart sized Mason jars. Pour some wrapped starlight mints around the base of the candle in the jar – no deeper than an inch or so. Arrange the candles around the packages until you like how it looks.

Four: Candles and Glass

Pick up some fresh greenery and some hurricane globes. Get pillar candles in the colors you want.

Now, arrange the candles where you want them to be. Put the globes over them and arrange the greenery around them. Ta-Da! You can also pile small, colorful glass ornaments in the globes and add them for color.

Five: Chocolate Fountain

Seriously. Who is going to complain about a deluge of molten chocolate coursing down the sides of a fountain? Use white chocolate and strawberries for holiday color.

Want more holiday color? Arrange the strawberries on a bed of bright green parsley or basil. Candy canes, marshmallows, and fingers also work well with chocolate fountains.

Remember kids, chocolate is always appropriate and never tacky.

For added magic, run small white lights down the middle of the table, and fit them in with your centerpiece. Dim the room – the combination of the candles and white lights is relaxing, sophisticated, and beautiful no matter what you use for the centerpiece.

Add mirror tiles under candles for even more sparkly, reflected light.

How do you decorate your holiday table?

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  • http://twitter.com/Mimi_Avocado Mimi Avocado

    We use our avocados as part of a centerpiece before they’re ripe enough to eat!

  • http://www.adventuresinbabywearing.com/ Adventures In Babywearing

    I plan to put some of the pinecones from outside in a bowl!

  • marye

    I love pinecones… do you ever glitter or spray paint them?