5 Cool Family Date Night Ideas

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5 Cool Family Date Night Ideas

Money is tight, and people are staying at home more than they are going out. At least I know that we are, and so are our friends and family. Now my husband might disagree with me, but there is only so much TV that you can watch before you are ready to go stir crazy!

I started looking around for family date night ideas, and while most of these ideas are for children older than my own toddlers, they all sound like fun!

Have a Dance Off

I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but how fun would it be to have a Dancing with the Stars-type dance off? You can take turns judging, select each other’s music, and have lots of laughter in the process.

Mom and dad can teach the kids how to do the Running Man, and the kids can teach you the latest dance moves.

The winner gets a free pass for a chore or maybe a special treat.

Make Your Own Pizza

With so many different fresh and ready made pizza doughs now available in various sizes, every family member can make their own creation! Lay out all the different toppings, maybe a couple of different sauces, and let the fun begin!

It’s much less expensive than eating out or ordering pizza in, and the kids will have a blast selecting their own toppings.

Kick It Old School Style

Bust out your favorite movies from when you were a kid, or better yet, maybe even your mom and dad’s favorite movie! Lay blankets all over the floor, grab some pillows and popcorn, and have a movie night.

The next movie night, allow the kids to select the movie!

Bring Out the Board Games

Kids play so many video games via the computer, game consoles, and iPods that the good old board games don’t get used very often anymore. Bring out Yahtzee or Life and play together as a family. Card games are fun too…Uno has always been a big hit with my family, as is penny poker.

Camp in the Backyard

Get out the sleeping bags and tents and camp right in your own backyard! You can roast marshmallows over a real campfire, fire pit, or the barbeque. Go on a hunt for bugs to see what comes out at night. Tell ghost stories. Look at the stars. Just enjoy each other’s company!

There are so many family friendly activities out there! Just remember to try to be consistent with keeping up with the date nights – schedule them on the family calendar so everybody can look forward to them.

You might also want to set some ground rules like the TV is off (unless you are watching a movie!), each family member must participate, and no arguing, fighting, etc. allowed.

Does your family have a date night? What successes or struggles have you had with family date night? What other ideas can you suggest?

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  • Ruby T.

    I agree that a board game can really bring out some fun and competition in a family! When your kids are in that pre-teen stage, this is a great way to bring them around the kitchen table again and be social.

    Once you’ve mastered the basic, popular beginner board games, there is a wealth of more alternative, complex and engaging games out there for kids that are real “gamers.” Try your local comic book store or indie game store for recommendations. Kids and adults both like games such as “DiXit,” “Samuri,” and “RoboRally” to name a few. Check them out, you’ll love them.

  • Pinchus Rose

    These are all fun ideas. My concern? will all the kids of all the ages enjoy it? I mean, mom and dad are doing this nice time for this kids, and the kids, he wants one thing while she wants another. My kids are fairly young, but i’m thinking if they get a little on with the world.

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